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Refinancing your mortgage – you may be in for a surprise
New mortgage rules have definitely had an impact on new home buyers, but those with an existing first mortgage who want to refinance may be in for a surprise. If you were considering refinancing to...
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The growth of private mortgage lending
Getting a mortgage from a bank or a non-bank lender has become a bit more challenging.With the recent introduction of new mortgage rules, lenders have had to tighten their qualifying guidelines. The...
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Are you thinking of buying a house in 2018?
There may be uncertainty about house prices and about interest rates. Not only that, some of the big worries occur after moving in and finding un-anticipated problems.While the house-buying process...
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Major Mortgage Changes Ahead ....... Again
As you probably know, the mortgage rules are changing once again, effective January 1. The introduction of the minimum qualifying rate (stress test), this time for uninsured buyers, maybe the toughest...
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