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Insured, Insurable, and Un-Insurable Mortgages
So, you’ve managed to save a large down payment to purchase your new home – at least 20% of the purchase price.Or you’ve decided to refinance your existing mortgage to renovate your basement. But...
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Home Trust, Warren Buffet and Rising Interest Rates
The Home Capital controversy has been in the headlines for a few months now. While it shook the market somewhat, and the rumour mill was rife with talk of market collapse, etc. none of that has...
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Refinancing May Still Be An Option
To no one’s surprise The Bank of Canada has left its key interest rate unchanged at 0.5%. After reading the latest Monetary Report, it doesn’t sound like it will raise its policy rate any time soon....
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What's Going on with my Appraisals?
Changes in mortgage rules for home buyers and insurers certainly have had an impact on the housing market, and those changes have impacted property appraisals as well. Conventional mortgages – up...
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